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Kerala Cuisine

Diverse religious and cultural tradition is reflected in Kerala's Cuisine. Sea food and coconut are some unique items that you will find in Kerala food. Rice is the staple diet of keralites.

Rice, or rather unpolished rice, is the main food of the Keralite. Aside from the boiled product eaten as a staple, there is also a wide range of snacks and breakfast fare made of the cereal.

Pounded into flour, it gives shape to the bamboo formed puttu, the round spongy vattayappam, the lacy edged palappam, the pancake-like kallappam, the sweet uniappam, the idiappam that looks like fine noodles, and the stuffed ball called kozhikotta.

And then, there is the pathiri, chapatti-like bread that can be made into a plain thin one called vatipathiri, a box type pettipathiri and a sweet cake-Chattipathiri. Pathiris are also stuffed with beef, chicken or mutton and fried, or steamed when filled with fish.

From time immemorial, the coconut tree has been an integral part of life for the people of Kerala and nowhere is this more visible than in their food. These people put to good use whatever the land offers and the result is a marvelous cuisine that is simple yet palate tickling.

Except for the Nambudiris who are strict vegetarians, Hindus of other castes eat both meat and fish as a matter of course.

However, they do not serve non-vegetarian food on important days, though for the other communities no festive occasion is complete without it. It is the influence of the foreigners that, unlike most of the other parts of the country, beef is quite popular in the state.

The high ranges of the state boast of vast plantations of cardamom, pepper, nutmeg, tea and coffee while in its lower elevations there are clove, ginger and turmeric.

The midlands have paddy fields, tapioca, all sorts of hardy vegetables such as yam, narrow, gourd, drumstick, etc. and a huge collection of tropical fruits-banana, jackfruit, mango, pineapple and cashew. In the lowlands, cultivation is mainly that of coconut trees and paddy.

The Tangy Rasam Dish In KeralaThe Tangy Rasam Dish In Kerala
The hot Rasam, served after a delectable array of sweets, is a tangy deviation from the symphony of tastes and is poured on another serving of rice. The famous British 'Mulligatawny Soup' is said to have derived its flavour from Rasam.
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Appam Dish In KeralaAppam Dish In Kerala
Appam is the soft pancake made from toddy fermented rice batter, with a soft spongy middle, which is laced with crispy edges.
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Puttu Dish In KeralaPuttu Dish In Kerala
A type of steam cake, 'Puttu' is made from rice flour and steamed in long hollow bamboo or metal cylinders. Depending on the taste preference, Puttu can be had with steamed bananas and sugar or with a spicy curry made from gram or chickpeas.
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Malabar Rice Pathiri Dish In Kerala
The colorful selection of mouthwatering delights are indeed a speciality of Muslim Cuisine.The cuisine of Kerala Muslims alias ‘Mappila Cuisine' is also well known for its delicate blend of spiciness and subtle mix of ingredients.
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Kerala Sambar
Sambar is an important part of the staple diet in south Indian kitchen prepared since ages . It is a mix of lentils, vegetables, spices served hot with steaming rice, idlis, wadas.Every region of South India has a unique recipe to prepare sambar.
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Kerala Rasam
Rasam, a spicy thin soup made out of Tomatoes, Lentils & Tamarind fruit pulp, is eaten as appetizer or a second course when served with rice & curries in traditional South Indian meals.
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