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Home » Backwater Cruises in Kerala » Thiruvananthapuram Backwaters In Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram Backwaters In Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram Backwaters In Kerala

The southernmost district of the State, Thiruvananthapuram is bounded by the wooded highlands of the Western Ghats on the east and northeast, and the Arabian Sea on the west.

A long shoreline, with secluded, internationally renowned beaches, historic monuments, backwater stretches and a rich cultural heritage give this district some of the most enchanting picnic spots.

The main backwater areas of Thiruvananthapuram are Thiruvallam and Veli


Located about 6 kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram. This serene backwater stretch, enroute to Kovalam, is famous for its canoe rides. It is the meeting point of two rivers-Killi and Karamana. A temple dedicated to Parasurama, the legendary founder of Kerala, is located in Thiruvallam.

The stunningly beautiful and serene stretch of the Thiruvallam backwaters is temptingly close to Thiruvananthapuram. The backwater destination of Thiruvallam. Makes a great one-day tour. The renowned canoe rides make Thiruvallam popular with the tourists.

You may even enjoy the water sports in the lagoon and the move to the beach from the village using the floating bridge in the waterfront park. The short village cruises using the country boats are the perfect ways to enjoy the backwaters of Thiruvallam.

Veli Tourist Village: Located about 8 kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram. The Veli Tourist Village is bordered by the Veli lagoon and the Arabian sea. The lagoon here is separated from the sea by a narrow sand bar.

Facilities at the village include water sports in the lagoon and an 18-acre waterfront park with a floating bridge that connects the village to the beach. The Veli Tourist Village is sandwiched between the Veli Lagoon and the Arabian Sea. The lagoon here is separated from the sea by a narrow sand bar.

Aakulam Boat Club: Is located 8 km from Thiruvananthapuram city. This is a very popular picnic spot with boating facilities on the lake and a children's park with a Swimming pool.

The capital city of the kaleidoscopic Kerala Thiruvananthapuram is a terrific tourist destination. Thiruvananthapuram is a major center for tourists, politics and industries.

The soothing shoreline, beautiful beaches and the backwater stretches make hiruvananthapuram few of the most frequently visit backwater holiday destination for the tourists to Kerala.

The sacred city of the snake is scintillating for the tourists especially during the festivities of the harvest season of Onam. You must pray at the various temples. The architectural planning, the greens and the moderate temperatures of the city throughout the year make the tour even more enchanting.