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Sports in Kerala

In a place that boosts of hosting 44 rivers, numerous lakes and lagoons, Fascinating Water Sports are almost inevitable.

The adventurous water sports offered by the Fascinating Kerala are Canoeing, Catamaran Sailing, Kayaking, Para Sailing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Wind Surfing.

The tourists who thong the Beach Resorts in large numbers every ear cannot stay away from the excitement and thrill of these Fascinating Kerala Water Sports.

Different Beach Resorts offer a large variety of Sports depending upon the conditions of that particular Beach, as each Beach is different from the other because of their dive conditions and marine life.

The famous ‘Snake Boat Race' and ‘Nehru Trophy Boat Race' are the awaited water events of the year in Fascinating Kerala Water Sports, South India.

Apart from all this, tourists also endeavor a sandcastle on the swampy sands of the golden beaches besides indulging in an exciting beach volleyball or basketball game.


Martial Arts and Sports In Kerala
Kerala has long been known for its various forms of martial arts and sports. The age old martial arts training centers used to be almost like a Gurukul where the students went in at a very young age when the body is still supple.
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Chathurangam Sport In Kerala
Ancient India is reputed to have provided the world its first initiation to chess and other games that help develop a keen intellect. While a chess-like play called Shataranj developed in North India, in Kerala "Chathurangam", a prototype of international
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Kalarippayattu Sport In Kerala
The word Kalarippayattu is derived from the Malayalam words "kalari" meaning gymnasium and "payattu" meaning martial art. It is an age old and perhaps the most famous martial art practiced in Kerala.
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Kalavayal Sport In Kerala
A Kalavayal is a cattle-fair. The farmers and peasant of many villages in Kerala assemble annually and celebrations and festivities go on for 3-4 days.
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Maramadi Sport In Kerala
India is rich in her cultural heritage and ethnic background. So much so that India houses a prototype of every sport, every game of the world, although adapted to her society and to suit the citizens of the country.
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Pallankuzhi Sport In Kerala
Malayalis, both children and adults alike indulge in a lot of games and sports. Many of them are intellectually stimulating. Board games are an all time favorite. Pallankuzhi is one such traditional board game played with great exhilaration.
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Uriyadi Sport In Kerala
The Hindus of Kerala celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna as Janmashtami or Sree Krishna Jayanti with great fervor and joy.
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