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Kalavayal Sport In Kerala

A Kalavayal is a cattle-fair. The farmers and peasant of many villages in Kerala assemble annually and celebrations and festivities go on for 3-4 days.

The most famous among the kalavayals in Kerala is the one held at Kaakanoor, near the Piravam Township of the Eranakulam district in Kerala. Held in the Malayali month of Kumbham (Feb.-Mar.), this four day fair starts on the day the Aswathi star rises.

Farmers set up temporary shops and trade on seeds and agricultural products, ploughing tools and handicrafts. It is a time for merrymaking and relaxation for this hard working lot.

Folk arts are displayed; songs and music performances especially the rustic ballads soothe the strained men and women and awesome spectacles such as an elephant procession is organized.

This procession is led by a beautifully decorated bullock cart and this is called the Rishabhavahana.

On the last day a frenzied bull and oxen competition is organized and the farmers enter with their cattle. This is a prestigious event known as Maramadi where a team of 3 men and 2 oxen is considered as one unit. About 30-40 such units participate and the winning team is awarded.

There are religious sentiments attached to this fair as well. The Goddesses of Edapara and Ambassery temples are considered sisters.

Legend has it that these sisters get an opportunity to meet only during the period of this Kalavayal.

Thus the rustics cheer and make merry and thoroughly enjoy themselves after a year of toil and dream up of the prosperity the year's agricultural plenty will bring them.