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Ginger Spices In Kerala

When you travel to Kerala with Kerala Backwater, make sure to taste its legendary spices. Ginger, one of the famous spices of Kerala, emerges from the ground looking like a muddy root, but its taste has made it famous worldwide.

India produces 50% of the world's ginger. An underground stem or rhizome, ginger has been grown in India for centuries. Prized in the West for its preservative and medicinal properties, ginger is used as flavoring and preservative agent in food and pickles and as a remedy for coughs and colds.

Varieties such as "Cochin Ginger" and "Calicut Ginger" grown in Kerala, India, are famous worldwide. Ginger can be eaten raw, cooked in various ways, dried, powdered and ground into paste.

Ground ginger and garlic paste forms the basis for many Indian curries. See the various forms of Ginger in the spice plantations of Kerala on Kerala tours with Kerala Backwater.

The botanical name of the Ginger plant is Zingiber Officianale. Ginger is an underground stem or rhizome. The part of the plant visible above ground consists of the stem and leaves. Ginger is usually sold as a fresh rhizome or as a dry rhizome.

Ginger is also sold in powdered form to add to dishes for flavoring. Ginger has been used for centuries for it is believed to warm the body and is therefore used in the treatment of coughs and colds.

Feel the health giving properties of Ginger reinvigorate you, on tours of the spice plantations of Kerala, with Kerala Backwater.