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Cinnamon Spices In Kerala

While on Kerala tours with Kerala Backwater, try a spice that was once more precious than gold. Cinnamon, which is the inner bark of a tree of the laurel family, was once so sought after in Europe that it was worth more than its weight in gold.

Tour the spice plantations of Kerala with Kerala Backwater where you can see cinnamon plants in their natural state and watch the process of harvesting cinnamon from the trunks of Cinnamon trees.

A plant that is native to India, Cinnamon has been grown in India for centuries. Carried to Europe by Arab traders from Kerala's spice coast Cinnamon is now an integral part of European cuisine. A popular flavoring for bakery products, a cinnamon bun is a favorite and can be seen on all bakery shelves.

Smell the aroma of cinnamon in its natural state in the spice plantations of Kerala on Kerala tours with Kerala Backwater.

The botanical name of the Cinnamon plant is Cinnamomum zeylanicum. Cinnamon is a bushy tree, grown in Kerala and other tropical regions of the world including Sri Lanka. The inner bark of the Cinnamon tree is removed and dried and used as a spice.

The bark is usually stored in the shape of a roll or quill, to ensure its aroma is retained. The brown colored bark is easily chewable and is also used in powdered form as a flavoring agent in food and various beverages.

It is often used in cakes and puddings because the pleasant aroma of cinnamon effectively conceals the smell of eggs used in these confections. Cinnamon oil, which is an essential oil, is also distilled and used as a flavoring agent and for medicinal uses.

In Europe Cinnamon was used in religious rituals and in ancient Egypt it was sought after as a preservative in the embalming of mummies.

Try the beneficial properties of Cinnamon, most precious of spices, on tours of the spice plantations of Kerala, with Kerala Backwater.