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Backwater Cruises in Kerala

The backwaters of Kerala is a unique product of Kerala and is found nowhere else in the world.  Backwaters are a network of lakes, canals and estuaries and deltas of forty-four rivers that drain into the Arabian sea. 

The backwaters of Kerala are a self supporting eco-system teeming with aquatic life.  The canals connect the villages together and are still used for local transport.  Over 900 km of this labyrinthine water world is navigable.

The largest backwater stretch in Kerala is the Vembanad Lake which flows through three districts and opens out into the sea at the Kochi Port.

The Ashtamudi lake, literally having eight arms, which covers a major portion of Kollam district in the south, is the second largest and is considered the gateway to the backwaters.

The most exciting thing on the backwaters of Kerala, however, is the Kettuvallam ( traditional houseboat ) which has become the most popular tourism product in India today.

In a land as water bound as Kerala it wouldn't be an unusual sight, but for a visitor to God's Own Country a houseboat gliding along the vast green expanse of the backwaters is the most amazing spectacle in the world. Even more enchanting is a holiday in the houseboats of Kerala.

The backwater cruise through the narrow canals that crises-cross a typical Kerala Village, rich with green paddy fields and verdant coconut trees and is a thrilling experience.

The boat cruise takes you to small islets tucked away amidst those waters where you get glimpses of village at the best of its serenity and innocence

Watch village belles picking mussels, while their men folk collect sand from the bottom of the canal. Traditional fish farms and famed Chinese fishing nets. Watch the village folk make the golden fiber called coir from coconut husk and transform it into various coir products.

Rustling coconut groves abound. So stop over to drink calm fresh coconut water and watch the toddy-tapper tap at work. Watch birds like kingfishers, crow pheasants, cormorants, drogues, wood pecker, Bee-eater, kites etc. Parrot green paddy fields sway like a chorus.

Showcasing a unique heritage The Kettuvallams (houseboats) of Kerala are giant country crafts, measuring up to 80 feet in length. It took great skill and meticulousness to construct these giants by tying huge planks of jack wood together, without the use of a single nail.

Today, these goods carriers have been adapted to make the most exciting tourism product in India, the luxurious furnished houseboat. A Kettuvallam usually has one or two bath attached bedrooms, an open lounge, deck, kitchenette and a crew comprising oarsmen, a cook and guide.

Backwaters form an aesthetically and economically attractive feature of Kerala. The great flood of 1866 AD silted up old harbors and led to the formation of lagoons like Vembanadu Kayal, (205 KM2) 83 KM long, the Ashtamudi Kayal, 16 KM long and the Kayamkulam Kayal, 30.5 KM long.

The lagoons acted as link between interior landmasses and the sea, taking the role of highways. There is a different Kerala along these backwaters. Throbbing with its unique culture. The routes along these backwaters are always breath-taking green, the skyline vanishing with a line of coconut trees on the banks.

The life around, the cultural festivals, the shrines, churches and mosques, the commercial modes, the farmlands and sea, all different scenes but memorized together to make a unique whole. The State is blessed with beautiful beaches and back waters, which are the most important tourist attraction of Kerala.

The State has about 550 km. long coastline studded with world's best string of beaches. Along the coastal plains is a vast network of lagoons, lakes, rivers and canals, which provide excellent facilities of inland navigation.

900 kms. of dappled, green waters. Fringes of dense tropical greenery. Clear skies shimmering through coconut canopies.

Kerala is a labyrinth of lazily meandering backwaters. Sprinkled with traditional houseboats, country crafts, rural lifestyles and Tranquility. It's an intricate network of innumerable lagoons, lakes, canals, estuaries and the deltas of forty-four rivers that drain into the Arabian Sea.

Over 900 km of this labyrinthine water world is navigable. The largest backwater stretch in Kerala is the Vembanad lake which flows through three districts and opens out into the sea at the Kochi port.

Backwaters are the accumulation of Sea Water at the sea beach during the to-fro motion of sea-waves in the form of lagoons, estuaries etc. Today, Kerala Backwaters has become the most exciting tourist spot in India

The enchanting land of Kerala offers an amazing array of the tranquil backwaters in Kerala. The exotic backwater destinations are the true storehouses of the nature at its best.

The splendid sunsets, the waxing moonlights, the pulsating palms and the wonderful waves make the backwater destinations the most sought after in kaleidoscopic Kerala.

Looking forward to have the time of your life this holiday? Think about the gorgeous greens, the canopies of coconuts, the bedazzling blues, balmy beaches and the breathtakingly beautiful backwaters. Welcome to God's Own Country. The entire journey is a moving picture with beauty of nature at its best.

The backwaters formed the unique way of traveling in the past. Till date it is efficiently used as a means to transport men and material. The entire experience of the green and serene backwaters of Kerala is incomparable and incredible.

The vivacious and vibrant village life cannot be left in a better way on a smooth sail in the houseboat. The backwaters of Kerala have a fleet of over 250 houseboats. The panoramic nature surrounding the houseboats is clubbed with the equally well-furnished interiors. When onboard you may savor the traditional delicacies of Kerala.

The cuisine is captivating owing to the local specialties in the menu like the chicken and fish curry. The food is generally fresh as the material is purchased on the way. You must opt for the fabulous ride on the houseboat and explore the fascinating beauty of the backwaters of Kerala.

Your backwater odyssey will have twittering kingfishers, eye-catching cormorants and gliding ducks. The coastline of Kerala is dotted with delightful backwater destinations.

The ‘Venice of the East' i.e. Alappuzha with its lovely lakes, lagoons and the fresh water rivers will not fail to sweep you off your feet. The variant village cruises to the coconut plantations and the coir villages of Cochin will captivate you entirely.

The capital city of Thiruvananthapuram on one hand is a major center for tourists, politics and industries at the same time its soothing shoreline, beautiful beaches and the backwater stretches make it terrific. The backwater destination of Thiruvallam makes a great one-day tour from Thiruvananthapuram.

At Thiruvallam you may indulge in the canoe rides, participate in the water sports at the lagoon or simply bask in the beach. Situated on Lake Vembanad the backwater destination of Kumarakom offers unparalleled boating, fishing and sightseeing opportunities. Adjacent to Kumarakom are the charming backwaters of Kottayam with paddy fields, rubber plantations and the highlands the land is renowned as the land of letters, latex and lakes.

The gateway to the backwaters of Kerala is the spectacular cashew town of Kollam. The longest backwater cruise commences from Kollam and ends at Alappuzha. The backwater destination of Kassarkod with the Pallikere and the Kappil beaches and the day trips chain of forts at Chandragiri and the best breathtaking views of the backwaters of vivacious Valiyaparamba is a must visit.

It is the backwater cruises that complete the tour to southern India take you through the winding waterways revealing the colorful culture and customs of the rural life. The magic of the mystical backwaters works on one and all.

Though you may plan your backwater tour to Kerala anytime of the year, the best time for cruising is from October to March. Casual clothes in cotton are best suited for the backwater trip to Kerala.

On your way back home from the backwaters of Kerala do not forget to pick up the best buys being offered by the region ranging from the carved wooden elephant souvenirs, assorted handicrafts like bell metal products, coir goods, sandalwood, brass and wooden items, conch shells, paintings and masks.

All the travel service for the backwater tour of Kerala is easily available. Right from air ticketing to hotel/houseboat booking and car rentals all the facilities are available to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

Back waters form an aesthetically and economically attractive feature of Kerala. The great flood of 1866 AD silted up old harbors and led to the formation of lagoons like Vembanadu Kayal, (205 KM2 )83 KM long, the Ashtamudi Kayal, 16 Km long and the Kayamkulam Kayal, 30.5 KM long.
The lagoons acted as link between interior land masses and the sea, taking the role of highways along which we, Kettuvallams could sail harnessing wind energy. A journey through the lagoons is interesting, passing through sleepy villages, busy boat jetties and vibrant celebrations.

The boat glides across the shimmering blue waters with gorgeous green and fringed edges. The socio-economic infrastructure of these places depends on the coir industry and fishing. Later tile factories and brick kilns gained importance. As usual we carried products from these interior towns to the market at Alleppey.




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